Learning is part of life's journey. No matter what your age or circumstance there are opportunities available to you to engage in further learning activity.

Our primary aim is to provide the residents in the Halton,Widnes,Runcorn area aged 19 and over with an online resource that can be used to find out more about the learning opportunities that are available.

Easy to use Search Options

The learninghalton site includes a variety of Search options that will enable visitors to obtain summary information on the learning providers and learning opportunities that are available. You will find contact information to enable you to follow-up your enquiry on any opportunity that might be of interest.

In addition to the various Search facilities there is plenty of supporting content that we hope you will find both interesting and useful. A good place to start are the Magazine pages.

Learning Advisors

If your role is to offer advice or guidance to the public on what learning opportunities exist for adults in Halton,Widnes,Runcorn or the surrounding areas then you will find a wealth of useful information on the learninghalton site to assist your task.

Learning Providers

If you are not featured in our database then use the Contact Us page to get in touch and register your interest.

Enjoy your visit!

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